Our Mission:

The COLLECTIVE HERITAGE LAB is a social innovation lab acting to disrupt the connections between the demand of the legal antiquities market and the illicit trafficking of stolen artifacts. Through the creation of awareness mechanisms and opportunities for social action the Lab aims to provide systemic approaches for solving a multifaceted problem.

A Social Innovation Lab

The COLLECTIVE HERITAGE LAB seeks to apply a scientific method of formulating questions by developing hypotheses, making predictions, testing through experimentation and prototyping, and conducting analysis. The Lab continually aims to refine the solution by building off the results of previous outcomes.

Our Hypothesis:

  • Market demand (legal or illegal) starts with the buyer. 

  • If consumers are made aware of how the unethical practices of the legal antiquities market are connected to illegal trafficking in regions suffering from instability, consumers will begin to question purchasing objects that are missing excavation and ownership information. 
  • Given the opportunity, informed consumers are likely to seek out socially responsible buying options. 

Our Approach: